Photo Booth Rental vs Photographer

Dallas Photo BoothPhotographs provide lifelong records of special events such as weddings, graduations and birthday parties. Traditionally, most people hire a professional photographer to record all the details of their special occasions, but with the rise of inexpensive digital cameras and the increase in quality of cell phone photography, an increasing number of people are choosing to leave the candid photographs to their guests and provide a fun alternative to a traditional photographer. Dallas Photo Booth Rental is one option for people looking for something a little unorthodox for their event, but because there are pros and cons to both options, it is important to ask yourself the photo booth rental vs photographer question before making a decision.

Pros and Cons of a Photographer

Photographers have been trained in the art of photography and often have years of even experience, giving them the knowledge to take the best pictures possible of your event. Additionally, because they can move around and have the ability to see what is happening, they can place themselves in the optimum position to capture memorable moments.

Of course, this expertise does not come cheap and a professional photographer can cost up to $2500 for an event, and may charge extra for extra copies or prints. Additionally, a photographer is only as good as his or her equipment and with the current state of the economy, many are opting for cheaper digital cameras, which may not always provide the same quality results.

Pros and Cons of a Photo Booth Rental

The main disadvantage to a photo booth is that it does not have the ability to travel around the event taking candid photographs. Even with guests taking their own pictures, there is an increased chance that a memorable moment will not be recorded.

A photo booth rental, however, is a novel way to give guests greater control over the posed pictures, and it can give an event a fun, carnival-like atmosphere. The photography becomes an activity at the event instead of an imposition. Additionally, a photo booth rental is usually much cheaper than a photographer, costing as little as a few hundred dollars per event, and usually comes with limitless prints, so that every guest can take home as many pictures as they like.

In the end, the question of photo booth rental vs photographer comes down to personal preference. A photographer may well end up being the best choice for a traditional event, but the sense of fun and guest participation provided by a photo booth will be welcome at many modern events.

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