Dallas Photo Booth Rental Prices- Should Price Be My Main Concern

Photo Booth Rental Prices

Photo booths are a major hit at virtually any event, whether it be a wedding reception or Birthday party and the #1 question I receive is about Photo Booth Rental prices. So when you are searching for a picture booth should one just call around to find out who has the best photo booth prices?

The Renting of a photo booth is in some ways like having laser eye surgery. If you’re going to have a Doctor use a laser on your eyes, would you just call around searching for the cheapest price in town? Probably not.You most likely would be looking for more than just the price, you would ask the person loads of questions before you let them work touch your eyes. Now I admit a photo booth rental is not quite as important as your eyes are, but if you just go along with the lowest-priced company and there are problems, you will have only yourself to blame.

It seems like just yesterday that photo booths were a novel idea and there were not many of them around and the prices were set by the amount of money they could charge, but now there are picture booth services on just about every corner in fact there probably are more picture booth companies than there are McDonald’s (well,all right not really) and prices are becoming more and more negotiable.

Businesses that are just getting started, are many times offering their services at significantly lower prices to get some clients under their belt.

Not saying you should just go with the most expensive booth. The price is only one thing to consider and I will try and help you to figure out some of the the rest.

Let’s get started with some of the many price ranges.

Your expected amount to pay is somewhere around $750  up to $1,250 for a 4 to 6 hour rental. For the money you might get just the photo booth delivered and an attendant, but you will most likely get more. Just one quick note here, you will definitely want an attendant to be present with the rental, especially if you are getting a low ball price from the rental company. Before offering Photo Booth Rental Dallas, I also was a DJ. While spinning my tunes, I saw that they had also rented a photo booth. The guy set up the booth and rolled out. Next thing you know, the booth is getting beat to hell and used as a jungle jim by the teenage party people. 1. The person who rented the booth could be responsible for damages, 2. If something goes wrong with the booth, nobody is there to fix it! Last thing you want to be doing during your party is frantically trying to call the rental company because something went wrong and now the photo booth’s not working and the natives are getting restless.

For a 3 hour booth rental, expect to pay about $100 to $150 less than the 4 hour rental price. There are some photo booth rental companies that offer a 2 hour rental, these are going to be the ones that you’ll see on the google ads “starting at $399″. This is only to get you to give them a call thinking that you’ll get a 4 hour photo booth rental for some crazy low price.

In conclusion, price is important, but not if you’re getting a crappy product, I have seen lot’s of cheap photo booths made of nothing but curtains. Also, be sure there will be an attendant on hand at all times. Do your research and make the best decision for you!

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